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Erde CH751 Treble Motorbike or Chassis Trailer

Price: £776.46 £931.75 Inc. Vat Our Price: £776.46 (£931.75 Inc. Vat)

These trailers are available for immediate dispatch and take 1-3 days to arrive. We stock a wide range for immediate collection. If you would like to collect the trailer constructed please give us a few days notice ideally. The construction and delivery charges are non-refundable.

The delivery charges are non-refundable. If you would like a constructed trailer delivered the cost is £2 + VAT a mile payable in advance.

Please note the bike rails do not come with the trailer as standard

Quad Bike Rail Kit

This is a really handy lock

The 1.5m ramp is better and can be attached to the trailer easier

Effective protection against dents or scratches to the rear of the tow vehicle

If the car is equipped with a 13-pin electrical outlet this adapter converts it, making it possible to fit Trailers with 7-pins..

We will need to see original V5C and proof of address

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ERDE CH751 Treble Motorbike or Chassis Trailer

The Erde CH751 Multi Purpose Chassis is a wider version of the CH451 trailer with greater weight capacity and has many options to tailor it to your exact needs. Popular combinations include fitting loading rails to normally carry one or two motor bikes, a plyboard base to create a flat bed trailer and the Erde quad pack allowing a quad bike to be transported.
The trailer has a load capacity of 624kg and has a ground clearance of 40cm to give the trailer a low centre of gravity, allowing for easier loading and making the trailer very stable when towing. Recessed light clusters, a feature on all Erd trailers allow for a high level of protection against damage.
As with all Erde trailers the CH751 Multi Purpose Chassis meets and exceeds the new type approval legislation being enforced as of October 2012. As a result each trailer produced to these standards has to be supplied with a Certificate of Conformity.


Gross Weight – 750kg
Unladen Weight – 126kg
Axle Rated – 750kg
Internal Dimensions – 200x142cm
Overall Dimensions – 306x186x70cm
Wheel Size – RS145R13
Ground Clearance – 40cm

2 m
1.42 m
750 Kgs
624 Kgs
126 Kgs
3.06 m
1.86 m
0.7 m

Flat pack self assembly trailer

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