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Choosing the right towbar for your vehicle is of critical importance and we are here to help you make the right choice.  The majority of garages are relunctant to fit towbars these days, as the electrics on modern vehicles have become more sophisticated.  Some vehicle manufacturers have introduced trailer stability systems and therefore your vehicle's computer will need to be coded, to ensure such safety features are enabled when you are towing.  We use what is considered the best towbar vehicle coding system on the market, Westfalia's Autocode, to code your vehicle.

We thoroughly recommend that you use a vehicle specific wiring kit as they will allow you to utilise any towing safety features. Failure to do so could invalidate your vehicle warranty and or insurance. The majority of towbar manufactures now use vehicle specific wiring kits supplied by specialists providers such as Right Connections or ECS.  These kits come with instructions but we recommend that you use a skilled towbar and vehicle electrics techincian to install your towbar and electrics.  Our towbar fitter has over 30 years experience of fitting towbars and more importantly the electrics. The technician also needs to know how to carefully remove the panels and interior of your vehicle without causing damage and replace them properly.  Unfortunately there are not enough of these highly skilled towbar technicians about so please choose your towbar installer wisely.  We fit towbars are at our premises in Lingfield.  We require 3 hours to fit a towbar although some do take longer.  Towbar fitting needs to be booked a few days in advance normally.

There is choice of the following types of towbars:

- Detachable Swan Neck
- Detachable Flange
- Fixed Swan Neck
- Fixed Flange
- Retractable
- Towing Brackets

Safety is our overriding commitment when installing towbars and vehicle specific wiring kits.  Unless the wiring kit has been manufactured by a specialist towbar wiring company then in my view it is not a vehicle specific wiring kit.  A lot of inferior wiring kits are sold online and are normally cheaper than the superior dedicated towbar wiring looms.

Please contact us on 01342 833 733 or for a quotation or more information. 

We are members of the NTTA (National Trailer & Towing Association) and adhere to their code of practice. We will become an NTTA Quality Secured Towbar Centre soon.  We will develop our website so you will be able to identify suitable towbars and wiring kits for your vehicle, by entering your vehicle registration number.

Jason Hammersley

We offer towbars from the major manufacturers listed below:

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