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Hammersleys have decided to terminate our relationship with Thule with effect from November 2018 and we are therefore now selling off all of our stock at discounted prices. I apologise to our existing customers that we cannot continue to support this brand. Thule sell direct to Amazon and allow their products to be sold on Amazon and other marketplaces. As Amazon charges retailers 15% everytime we sell something they effectively control the market which leaves us no place to operate.  We simply cannot afford to stock ten of thousands of pounds of stock for the benefit of Thule and Amazon. It is sad but this is the reality.

Please use the Thule FitGuide to see what products fit your vehicle.

When you order lockable Thule products from us you may specify the key number you would like, so you get the same key for all products or to match any existing Thule products. If we do match the keys we will need your permission to open the boxes and reseal them. The alternative is to purchase a one-key system and change the barrel locks yourself.  If you buy or bought your Thule products from us this key matching service is FREE.

Please call us on 01342 833 733 if you would like to discuss your purchase. Thanks Jason Hammersley

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