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Camping Trailers

Before choosing a camping trailer we would encourage you to phone us on 01342 833 733 so we can help you choose the right trailer. Alternatively come and see the wide range of trailers we have in stock and we can talk you through them.


When we speak to someone looking for a camping trailer with no prior knowedge, we aim to share the following information. Erde is the market leader of competively priced, self assembly camping and general purpose trailers. We have been selling and constructing their trailers for over a decade and have confidence in the product. Wilstow Limited (who are are now owned by Erde) distribute Erde & Daxara Trailers in the UK. If you purchase a trailer from them you will normally pay the RRP. 

We on the other hand are one of the largest retailers of Erde trailers and offer our customers huge savings when buying trailers, accessories and parts. We aim to be cheaper than everyone else and monitor prices closely. Erde is a French company and they now sell trailers worldwide. They also manufacture Daxara & Maypole trailers. Daxara is the premium brand as the interior is lined in galvanised steel and you get a jockey wheel, for not much more money. Maypole are a trailer wholesaler who used to have their trailers manufactured in China, but since European Type Approval in 2012 they now get Erde to manufacture their budget trailer. They are all good, but in our opinion Daxara is worth paying the extra for as they will last longer and they have better resale values.

All of these trailers can be extended and we have set out on our product pages the majority of the options and accessories available to you. Hard top covers are very nice as they are lockable but are quite expensive. So if you are on a budget perhaps consider a flat, 30cm or 60cm soft cover if required. We sell lots of loads bars which fit on top of the trailer or hard top cover, upon which you can add cycle carriers.  We don't like Erde cycle carriers as they are a faff, Thule cycle carriers are much nicer. An A-frame trailer is more stable than a straight drawbar.  All of these trailers will travel better when loaded, but please do not overload them. If the gross weight of a trailer is more than 750kg it must be braked which requires more maintainance / servicing. The gross weight is the weight of the trailer and its contents combined. A spare wheel is a must because who wants to leave their trailer on the side of the road.

One last thought before you buy a trailer, if you are travelling long distances a trailer will slow you down and add to driver fatigue. You might perfer to have a roof box instead assuming you can get everything you need in it. Still we have lots of customers with both a roofbox and a trailer. Once you have owned a trailer you will wonder how you managed without one.

Erde Trailer Features

  • Flat pack self assembly trailer
  • Competitively priced
  • European Type Approval
  • Integrated lights with 7 pin electrics
  • Modular accessories